Our Mission

Our Vision

Accelerating access to GENDER BALANCE in society and business life;Being an IDEA LEADER on DIVERSITY and gender equality issues;Establishing a PROFESSIONAL NETWORK providing a reliable, accessible, sincere development platform for both women and men.

Supporting sustainable existence of women in business life and also rising as leaders.

  • We believe that better decision making, economic sustainability and a happier society will exist by leveraging 100% of the world’s talent.
  • We are creating a movement of people who aspire to accelerate the current pace of change towards gender balanced leadership.
  • We exist to connect people via our unique global network, inspiring the leaders of today to create exemplary leaders of tomorrow.
  • We create an environment where you, the members of the PWN Global community can support one another, embrace new skills, learn to speak out on the topic and create sustainable action plans. Why? Ethically – we know it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, and Financially – it’s the profitable thing to do. Remain competitive, be better. Join us!

Our Board

Yıldız Bozkurt Özcan

PWN Istanbul President and Founding Member, Med Marine Holding General Manager

Sevda Solak

PWN Istanbul Co-President, Founder / TimePR

Hande Yurtsever

PWN Istanbul Board Member & Treasurer AmCham Türkiye Finance and Administration Director

Beril Koparal Ergün

PWN Istanbul Board Member & General Secretary, Veni Vita Health General Manager

Aylin Satun Olsun

PWN Istanbul Board Member and Founding Member, ASO Company Co-Founder, Independent Board Member

Lütfiye Arzu Demirel

PWN Istanbul Board Member Corporate Coach, Team Coach, Leadership Development Mentor

Mert Özay

PWN Istanbul Board Member, Founder / Özay Law Firm

Saba Sümer

PWN Istanbul Board Member, Director of Yeldegirmeni Art Center and Founder of OdeonArts Music

Özlem Abacı

PWN Istanbul Board Member, Istanbul State Opera Singer, Voice Actress, ZIBZIART Founder

PWN Global functions with a small number of staff and with the enormous support of a dedicated team of volunteers.Our Global and Local Board’s are as diverse as our membership, featuring entrepreneurs and corporate professionals from across a wide range of industries.Being involved in a not-for-profit organisation can be one of the most challenging and rewarding activities that you will ever undertake. The sense of camaraderie that builds up between Board members ensures that solid lifelong relationships are forged, which supports professional and personal development on many different levels. PWN Global Federation Structure and City Networks Governance Model 

Corporate Members

Program Partners