PWN İstanbul -together with its corporate and individual mambers- cares about accelerating the realization of gender balance in professional life. For that reason, we are producing new projects and developing solution opportunities according to “changing needs”, together with our corporate members.

In order to realize the vision of PWN İstanbul, the Corporate Membership Working Group brings together the institutions which desire and support “changing” , under the roof of PWN.

PWN İstanbul aims to accelerate the realization of gender balance in social and professional life. With the support of its individual and corporate members it provides a platform which combines the voluntary works of women and men who are specialized in their fields. Programs developed within PWN such as “Mentoring Support Systems”, “Diversity in Business Life” , “Men’s Support” and also activities which raise  social awareness and coordination, are realized with the support of our corporate members.

The Corporate Membership Working Group aims to bring together the corporate members who would like to continue to share their experiences with the companies that want and need, under the roof of PWN İstanbul.

PWN İstanbul has currently 17 corporate members.

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Asu Sanem Kaya – Corporate Membership Working Group Leader

Çiğdem Kaya – Corporate Membership Working Group Co-Leader