Why PWN - Our Value Proposition 

A Professional Interaction Platform

  • We support your personal and professional goals by creating reliable network opportunities through which you can meet with professionals from various sectors, institutions and geography; and also exchange your ideas.
  • You can either participate in our events as audience and strengthen your relationships, or meet with our members from all around the world and expand your impact area through our international on-line platform.
  • Make connections and build collaborations; launch initiatives which will carry your business and career forward.

Multiple Development Opportunities 

  • Follow global business trends and current management concept and implementations daily, by means of  participating in webinars specially prepared for our members by the field experts;
  • Participate in self-improvement webinars on global portal, boost your competencies and skills;
  • Participate in 600+ events each year which have been organized by our City Network all around the world;  follow the meetings of City Network held in the countries that you visit; and strengthen your international connections;
  • Benefit from an international library in which you can achieve dynamic and up-to-date contents, news and researches;
  • Participate in our interactive forums for engaging interesting contents and inspiring discussions;  enrich yourselves by means of new perspectives;
  • Voluntariness opportunities - You will gain totally new experiences and will activate your muscles which you have not known so far while serving a purpose. Accelerate your self-development with the vision and skills that you gain through voluntary working experiences.

Joining Our Mentoring Programs

  • Join our PWN İstanbul Mentoring Programs – Let’s add value to each other by means of one-to-one matchings, group mentoring and speed mentoring sessions;
  • Join our global mentoring programs and move your career forward;
  • With our thematic mentoring programs, maximize mutual benefit - Entrepreneurship Mentoring,  Women in Finance Mentoring.

Genderbalance Leadership Agenda and Awareness

  • Be aware of the latest developments, research and studies on the subject;
  • Take the advantage of development opportunities by means of working and producing together with those who are interested in this subject, and also by sharing example practices - Take part in the projects of Diversity, Engaging Men and Mentoring working groups.
  • Establish your professional support systems and support others - Take part in a common purpose with both men and women, who will carry you forward in your professional development.