Diversity Working Group

Diversity and Comprehensiveness” is one of the current issues of modern business life. We, as Diversity Working Group, have started our activities in 2016 in order to search for the ways to carry this concept to the institutions and develop it basing on gender and opportunity equality. Our aim is;

  1. To emphasize the contribution of gender balance to business life,
  2. To encourage the leading companies of Turkey to monitor the rate of women representation at each level and their career activities, basing on data (e.g. employment, promotion, adherence)
  3. To share good/bad activities with the companies by means of following improved policies, procedures and implementations, related to Diversity and Comprehensiveness.
  4. To redirect companies to concrete actions, and support them voluntarily regarding this issue.

With the mission of raising awareness, encouraging and accelerating the companies, we have started to work on two new programmes. Currently we are working with excitement for these programmes, which we call Diversity Labs and Compilation of Diversity and Inclusion Practices.

We completed our preparations related to Diversity Lab Workshops in February 2018 and started to organize our workshops with our corporate members.

We are a funny, sincere, hardworking, analytic, creative and productive team…

Join us…