In the early period of their career, women lose their promotion determination and also self-confidence…


• At the end of the second year: 60% decrease is observed in women’s peak management career goals (The ratio does not change in men.)
• In mid-level: 16% of women aim promotion in their career. (It is  34% in men)
• Women rising in their career: 50% of women proceed in their career by losing their self-confidence. (No change is observed in the self-confidence of men.)


We design and carry out local and global mentoring programs in order to support women for overcoming the barriers that they met during their professional journeys.

We research and develop “Mentoring Support Systems” as an information and experience resource, in order to enable women to reach whenever they need. Here, our valuable mentors will take place voluntarily in our Mentor Pool and both Mentors and Mentees will be richened from this process, by means of learning from each other. 


In line with the approach of Mentoring Programs, we are helping women “to be courageous and accelerated” in business life.

• Information and experience sharing

• Role modeling

• Professional and personal development

• Objectivity and clarity

• Company / non-sector point of view

• Our priority: Result & Action oriented approach

• Awareness and rapid change by means of an integrated approach


Since 2013, we have accompanied over 80 couples on their mentoring journey.

In every new period, we work hard to make our programs more sustainable and more popular.  

With the wealth of knowledge and experience we have created with volunteers, experts and consultants from many different sectors (e.g. human resources, organizational development, training, talent management, coaching) we are growing and developing day by day.

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