Beril Koparal Ergün

Beril Koparal Ergün, is a global leader with diverse educational background. After beginning her career with a medical education, she has emerged to an entrepreneur with interest in communication. She has established her own business which she merged with the world’s biggest communication group in health and wellness, Ogilvy CommonHealth. In order to extend the presence of the company to Middle East and Africa, she lived in Dubai and İstanbul. Having worked with Pharma for a couple of years, her interest shifted to Wellness including dermocosmetics and supplements. She has been appointed as General Manager to one of the biggest supplement companies in Turkey which she has launched to US market and she lived in Chicago during this journey. She has great experience in start – up new business and launching new products. She has been leading Note Cosmetique operations globally for the last one and a half year. She has recently turned back to consultancy and is the consultant of Novo Salutas together with some global wellness companies. She also has two start – ups, and Tahinly.

She believes in social responsibility and works in many projects including cancer patients, rare diseases and village schools. She is the member of some women’s associations working for the women to be more powerful at the society. With her three grown up daughters, she believes the future of the world is in women’s hands. She has been appointed as the most powerful business woman in Turkey in 2020 and she is in the “Top 50 Most Powerful Women CEO” list for the last 6 years. 

Beril is a true lover of words. She believes in the power of words to attract and affect people. She writes articles in some magazines on Wellness and Leadership. She has 4 published poetry books and 2 thematic books.