Sevda Solak

TimePR Founder and Agency Director

TimePR Founder and Agency Director Sevda Solak serves in the role of Communications Consultant in the communications consultancy and public relations sector. 

Having received her bachelor’s degree from the Public Relations and Publicity Department at the Faculty of Communication in Istanbul University, Solak continued her studies in marketing at Oakland College in Hertfordshire (UK). She then completed the MBA programme at Istanbul Bilgi University and in 2021 started another post-graduate program in Strategic Marketing and Brand Management at Istanbul Altinbas University. Having completed the International Communications Consultancy Organisation’s (ICCO) Communications Consultancy program right at the beginning of her career, Solak has been offering communications consultancy and public relations services to domestic and international institutions for over 20 years. 

Solak acquired her first entrepreneurial experience between 2004 and 2007 through founding and developing a public relations agency which is still active today in the sector. Later in 2007, Solak founded TimePR. Additionally, Solak has been part of some remarkable growth stories of a good number of brands throughout her professional career. She has contributed to the correct perception of brands by their target audiences and stakeholders, development of their reputation, creation of a consumer and employee brand, enhancement of its communications and promotion of its products and services. 

A member of the Turkish Public Relations Association (TÜHİD), Professional Women’s Network (PWN Istanbul), Moda Soroptimist Club and Global Compact Turkey – Gender Equality Working Group, Solak delivers talks and works actively as a strategist and implementer in the areas of strategic public relations and communications management, reputation and perception management, protocol communication, crisis communication, marketing communication, acquisition – merger and public offering communication, and corporate social responsibility management / communication. Certified in Team Coaching by the ICF accredited coach training program of the Forton Group in the UK, Solak also focuses on leadership communication supported by coaching and employee communication. 

In her free time, Solak likes playing tennis and skiing. She is married with a 16-year-old son. 

Linkedin: @sevdasolak